Boo Boo World of Chattogram, As a happy feeling!

Boo Boo World of Chattogram, As a happy feeling!
Boo Boo World of Chattogram, As a happy feeling!


Boo Boo World! Located in the heart of Chattogram, on the 4th and 5th floor of CPDL J M Levante in Jamalkhan area, this magical entertainment club. Which is every child's dream destination.

Since its inception by the visionary minds at CPDL in 2019, Boo Boo World has become a beacon of joy, welcoming thousands of children and teenagers every day to experience the thrill of a lifetime. As if another feeling!

Sharing the thought behind the initiative, Engr Iftekhar Hosen, President of CPDL Family and Founder of Boo Boo World, explained, "CPDL always tries to understand basic human problems and generate a solution that fits all. Being a part of the real-estate world, in the growing scarcity of land, we have always felt that there aren't many recreational opportunities for kids. Hundreds of properties are built and handed over every year, and not too many have a proper solution for kids' engagement. Addressing this crisis, we were planning to create a space where our children would come and open up, socialise and get engaged confidently, and build up skill sets through recreation and interactions. By doing this, we can help our kids grow up and prepare them for the challenging world ahead, confidently and creatively."

To test the viability of this idea, they launched the Boo Boo World as the first-ever social club for kids in Bangladesh at Jamal Khan, Chattogram.

With an array of 25 indoor games and rides, Boo Boo World is a playground like no other. From pulse-pounding virtual reality games to mind-bending puzzle rooms, there's something for every taste and temperament. Are you a thrill-seeker? Strap in for a whirlwind ride on the Peninsula Ride! Prefer a challenge? Test your luck with their Claw Machine! No matter your preference, adventure awaits at every turn. From toddler to adults, it offers everyone a lot of surprises of fun and excitement.

Exploring Boo Boo World works up quite an appetite, but fear not! Their 'Fun n Dine' restaurant caters to every craving, with delicious delights for children and their families to feast upon. Whether you're in the mood for a sizzling slice of pizza or a sweet treat from their range of juices, there's no shortage of tasty temptations to indulge in. And with cosy seating areas perfect for relaxing between adventures, you can refuel and recharge before diving back into the excitement.

The tidy, neat, and superiorly hygienic Fun n Dine is an ideal home for class parties, birthday parties, iftar parties, and any kind of party with an accommodating capacity of 150 people.

Oh! Not just these, the restaurant also has a private room for your private parties.

The fun doesn't have to end when you leave Boo Boo World! Their 'Toyporium' offers a treasure trove of souvenirs and gifts to commemorate your unforgettable visit. From cuddly plush toys to popular car and bike toy models, there's something for everyone to cherish long after the lights dim and the laughter fades.

Besides, Boo Boo World organises different engagement events for kids like Art & Craft Festival, storytelling on the liberation war, movie show, and magic shows throughout the year.

All set to head out on the greatest adventure ever? Get your loved ones together and head over to Boo Boo World today! Its excitement and unbounded energy make it impossible to anticipate what exciting surprises are in store for you.

So come on over and discover the wonders of Boo Boo World, where there are no limits to fun!

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